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 approaching things are 

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Khloro is the worlds first leading marketplace focused on sustainable foods and alternative proteins.

Giving you access to a world audience with a few clicks!


Trade Towards Sustainability

Khloro is a global two-sided marketplace focused on sustainability and a sustainable future. Our marketplace is home to a unique range of products from foods you have never known existed to machinery and day-old larvae.

Our platform connects sellers with thousands of like-minded buyers from around the globe to interact and transact in one secure digital space.

At Khloro, we strive to build a community, to help, to learn and to grow as one. Spreading ideas of sustainability and responsibility far beyond our community.

 How Khloro Works 

Our global marketplace is a community of like-minded individuals, that connect, interact and transact securely.

Sell Sustainable

Sign up for free, upload products, start selling.

It is that simple! Takes two minutes to reach a global audience. We offer mind-blowing features, low fees, and support all the way.

Buy Sustainable

Looking for that next WOW product? Our marketplace is easy to navigate allowing you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Keep an eye out on our social media pages for new products.

Safe and Secure

Interacting and transacting has never been this secure on Khloro. The secure payment service is powered by Stripe and Paypal, the largest online payment gateway provider globally, but it gets better.

Our servers are in the cloud and run on 100% recycled energy. 



 Enter the new age

of sustainable foods 

Khloro is the complete commerce solution for Startups, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors in the sustainable foods and alternative protein space looking to accelerate growth within and across borders. 

Increase Sales

Adopt a digital solution that can quickly generate sales in a cost-efficient way

Global Audience

Create a digital storefront and get your brand seen globally - no coding skills required.

Save Time

Show buyers your products digitally and spend less time on the things that take most of your time.

Powerful Tools

Manage your account and relationships, and optimize your business with dashboards and analytics tools.

Save Money

Our ready to go eCommerce platform is a one-stop shop. Eliminating any eCommerce development time and maintenance to worry about.


Get digital support and live customer service from real people during business hours


 Unlock opportunities

on a global scale 


Khloro opens doors for both buyers and sellers. As a seller, you will have the power to expand your company worldwide.  Buyers benefit from access to a wide variety of sustainable products. With khloro, buying and selling across borders has never been easier.  It's the world's largest sustainable food and alternative protein marketplace built for businesses that are interested in scaling globally.

Be Part of Khloro's two-sided marketplace, and we will help you excel your business to the next level.