Orchestra Provisions Vanilla Protein Powder

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Protein for the planet! Healthy for the human, gentle on the earth. The tastiest, most bioavailable protein on the market!

Avoid the digestive upset and environmental upset of whey!


Protein for the Planet! Healthy for the human and gentle on the planet.

Often described as the best tasting protein powder on the market, our protein is thoughtfully crafted with bioavailble, natural, whole food ingredients ONLY! This simple recipe is designed for optimal absorption and assimilation with only four ingredients: Organic yellow pea, Acheta Domesticus (cricket powder), vanilla powder and a small amount of date powder. 

Our protein powders are easy to use, packed full of nutrition and completely delicious. Our protein isn't just that, it also boasts good amounts of prebiotic fiber for a healthy microbiome, heme-iron, calcium and more. Our whole food philosophy enables the body to accept nutrition the way it has evolved to do so, and for this reason our products are less processed and require less energy to make. No isolates! 

These powders make excellent stir-ins to existing recipes- add to oatmeal, granola and yogurt, smoothies, pancakes and baking projects. 



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