Mealworm Bites

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Mealworm Bite is a protein bar with insect (Tenebrio Molitor), which comes in 4 flavours.

100% peanut butter with a mixture of cereals and goji berries.

Apple and Cinnamon, mixing in itself the sweet of dates and honey with a fantastic touch of apple and cinnamon.

Fig and Orange, made from a fantastic mixture of fig and cereal, finishing with a fresh orange flavour.

Chocolate and Almond contains almonds and dark chocolate that provide a perfect balance of flavour.

This pack is a great option for peanut butter lovers and for those looking for an excellent source of energy for the various activities of daily life.

Contains 12 bars.

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Tenebrio molitor is known to be an extraordinary protein source containing all the essential amino acids, a high fiber content, an excellent source of essential fatty acids and is packed with many other vitamins and minerals.

They are, therefore, a magnificent natural source of nutrients without the addition of hormones or antibiotics.

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