PROTENGA: Hermet Protein for Aqua (Black Soldier Fly Hermetia illucens defatted meal) - 25kg

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Protenga's Hermet Protein for Aquaculture is a high-quality defatted insect protein meal for aquaculture, produced from sustainably farmed Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae. It is designed for maximum digestible protein and amino acids to meet the nutritional needs of demanding aquaculture species.

But there is naturally more than nutritional goodness: Hermet Protein for Aquaculture is specifically designed to increase palatability and attractiveness of the feed and improve health and stress resilience especially for crustaceans and carnivorous fish. It is fully traceable and produced reliably year-round creating a sustainable ingredient supply opportunity to support feed millers and farms in the transition to a sustainable and fully marine-ingredient-free aquaculture practice.

Proximate Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 50%
Crude Fat - 13%
Moisture (max) - 4%
Crude Fiber - 11%
Ash - 10%

Application & Use

Hermet Protein for Aquaculture is the natural, healthier and sustainable protein choice for aquafeed applications to improve FCR, feed intake, fish health, vitality, growth and the environment. It has a pleasant smell and comes as a free-flowing powder with even particle size distribution and can be readily included into standard extrusion and pelleting feed manufacturing processes. It has good binding and expansion properties and can contribute to physical quality of the compound feed.

It can be successfully used at inclusions between 0.5-5% in commercial formulations for crustaceans such as whiteleg shrimp, tiger prawn, crayfish, and lobster, carnivorous fish such as trout, salmon, barramundi, grouper, and tuna as well as many other popular as well as more niche tropical species.

Contact our experienced product team to explore how Hermet Protein for Aquaculture can support your feed and product strategy.

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