ECOBOOST Pure Black Soldier Fly Frass

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Give your house plants the best food that nature has to offer. ECOBOOST is an organic fertilizer that is pleasant-smelling, nourishes your soil, and gives your plants everything but the ability to dance.



✔️ Slow-release organic fertiliser that prevents overdosing and nutrient burn
✔️ Chitin in ECOBOOST naturally increases plant defenses against garden pests
✔️ Porosity of added fibre improves soil water retention and root aeration
✔️ Strengthens plant roots and stems

✔️ For soil amendment, mix ECOBOOST with potting soil in 1:4 ratio
✔️ For plant fertilizer, apply 1 tbsp of ECOBOOST once a week. Sprinkle evenly over top of soil. Use half the recommended dose for young plants
✔️ For foliar spray, mix 1 tbsp with 2 litres of water. Allow mixture to sit for 24 hours in cool environment. Use with spray bottle on plant leaves for direct nutrient absorption.

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